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My Journey into AI 内容简介

On the Eve of the AI era, it is perfect timing to read an AI expert's autobiography, to learn about Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, the author of "AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley & the New World," also available on Amazon. This is the first and only authorized English version of Dr. Lee's autobiography. The original Chinese version of the sold 1.2 million copies in China in 2009 as a best seller of the year over there. Evidently, this autobiography is full of spellbinding stories.

A natural-born pioneer, Dr. Lee has explored uncharted territories and developed new fields in the high-tech world. In addition, his Chinese American background has enabled him to effectively bridge corporate America with the China market. He recounts all his career experiences with Apple, Microsoft, and Google as well as his own technological achievements in this amazing autobiography.

Dr. Lee was once the focus of a media sensation in 2005 when Microsoft and Google fought over him in court. He shocked the media again in 2009 by resigning from the position of Google China's president. There have been many speculations about the two incidents, behind which some insider stories are exclusively told in this book.

The autobiography depicts not only Dr. Lee but also several prominent high-tech leaders he has worked with in the past two decades. It gets up close and personal with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Eric Schmidt, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It contains their anecdotes hardly ever known to the general public.

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