Suzuki piano School VOLUME 6 Revised Edition pdf

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FOR THE STUDENT: This material is part of the worldwide Suzuki Method of teaching. Companion recordings should be used with these publications.

FOR THE TEACHER: In order to be an effective Suzuki teacher, a great deal of ongoing education is required. Your national Suzuki association provides this for its membership. Teachers are encouraged to become members of their national Suzuki associations and maintain a teacher training schedule, in order to remain current, via institutes, short and long term programs. You are also encouraged to join the International Suzuki Association.

FOR THE PARENT: Credentials are essential for any teacher that you choose.We recommend you ask your teacher for his or her credentials, especially listing those relating to training in the Suzuki Method. The Suzuki Method experience should be a positive one, where there exists a wonderful, fostering relationship between child, parent and teacher. So choosing the right teacher is of the utmostimportance.

In order to obtain more information about the Suzuki Method, please contact your country's Suzuki Association, the International Suzuki Association at 3一10-15 Fukashi,Matsumoto City 390, Japan, The Suzuki Association of the Americas, 1900 Folsom#101,Boulder Colorado 80302 or Summy一Birchard Inc., c/o Warner Bros.Publications Inc,. 15800 N.W. 48th Avenue, Miami,Florida 33014.

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