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Tokens are the smallest meaningful units of text in an Object Pascal program. They are categorized as special symbols, identifiers, labels, numbers, and string constants.

An Object Pascal program is made up of tokens and separators. A separator is either a blank or a comment. Two adjacent tokens must be separated by one or more separators if each token is a reserved word, an identifier, a label, or a number. Separators can’t be part of tokens except in string constants.

Special symbols

Object Pascal uses the following subsets of the ASCII character set:

• Letters—the English alphabet, A through Z and a through z

• Digits—the Arabic numerals 0 through 9

• Hex digits—the Arabic numerals 0 through 9, the letters A through F, and the letters a through f

• Blanks—the space character (ASCII 32) and all ASCII control characters (ASCII 0 through 31), including the end-of-line or return character (ASCII 13)

These are the syntax diagrams for letter, digit, and hex digit:


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