(Google Analytics 2.0)谷歌分析论 第二版pdf

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(Google Analytics 2.0)谷歌分析论 第二版 内容简介

The purpose of Google Analytics 2.0 is to explain the concepts behind analytics, how to set up Google Analytics, how to choose goals and filters, how to read Google Analytics reports and graphs, and how to use that information to improve web site performance.? The book goes one step further with this edition. Based on reader feedback on the first edition of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 2.0 also includes more in-depth information that reaches an added audience--those who are more than just beginners.? This information includes advanced tips and suggestion on how to get more from the reports that Google Analytics makes available to webmasters.? The book covers the following topics: What is new in GA 2.0??? Setting up Google Analytics Analytics Settings Access Management Filter Management Reporting Dashboards Executive Dashboard Marketing Dashboard Webmaster Dashboard Reports Marketing Optimization Visitor Segments Marketing Campaign Results Search Engine Marketing Goals and Funnel Process Content Performance Navigational Analysis Ad Version Testing Web Design Parameters E-Commerce Analysis Revenue Sources Product Merchandising?

(Google Analytics 2.0)谷歌分析论 第二版 作者简介

Mary E. Tyler (Newport News, VA) is a contributing editor at OSTG/NewsForge, the worlds largest source of daily Linux coverage and a regular contributor to MacAddict Magazine and Iron Horse Magazine. Tyler specializes in Open Source, enterprise software, intellectual property, and anything Macintosh. A former software developer, Mary has an eclectic technical background. She was a solo developer of Macintosh software and is the designer of the well-known freeware font Helve Programmers. Jerri L. Ledford has been a freelance business technology writer for more than 10 years.? During that time, over 700 of her articles, profiles, news stories and reports have appeared online and in print.? Her publishing credits include: Intelligent Enterprise, Network World, Information Security Magazine, DCM Magazine, CRM Magazine, IT Manager's Journal. Jerri also develops and teaches technology training courses on security, customer service, career skills, and technology for companies such as IBT Financial, Writer's Village University, Beacon Hill Financial Services, Hewlett Packard, and CNET.?

(Google Analytics 2.0)谷歌分析论 第二版 目录

Title Page

Copyright Page


About the Authors




Overview of the Book and Technology

How This Book Is Organized

Who Should Read this Book

Tools You Will Need

Moving On

PART One - Basic Analytics

CHAPTER 1 - Why Analytics?

Short Answer (for underlings)

Slightly Longer Short Answer (for your boss)

Long Answer (for you)

What Analytics Is Not

CHAPTER 2 - Analytics and AWStats


CHAPTER 3 - Yes! More AWStats!

Yes, There’s More

PART Two - Setting Up Google Analytics

CHAPTER 4 - Getting Started

First, You Need a Google Account

Signing Up for Google Analytics

Activating Tracking

Navigating Analytics

CHAPTER 5 - The Settings Dashboard

Analytics Settings

Website Profiles

Access Management

CHAPTER 6 - Filtering Your Data


What’s a Filter?

A Slightly Longer Lesson on Regular Expressions

Matching a Variable Name/Value Pair

Managing Filters

Advanced Filters

CHAPTER 7 - Using Analytics Goals

Understanding Goal Setting

Setting Up Goals

CHAPTER 8 - AdWords Integration

Why Google Analytics with AdWords?

Linking Analytics and AdWords

Tag, Your Link Is It!

Why Track AdWords Campaigns with Analytics?

CHAPTER 9 - Advanced Topics

Monetizing Goals

Google Analytics on Secure Pages (https)

PART Three - The Dashboards

CHAPTER 10 - The New Dashboard

A New Paradigm

Standard Traffic Reports

Adding Reports

Deleting Reports

Suggested Dashboards for Specific Roles

CHAPTER 11 - Setting Date Ranges

Using the Calendar

Comparing Ranges

Using the Timeline

PART Four - All Reports: Visitors

CHAPTER 12 - Visitors Overview


Map Overlay

New vs. Returning


CHAPTER 13 - Visitor Trending


Absolute Unique Visitors

Page Views

Average Page Views

Time on Site

Bounce Rate

CHAPTER 14 - Visitor Loyalty



Length of Visit

Depth of Visit

CHAPTER 15 - Browser Capabilities


Operating System

Browser and Operating System

Screen Colors

Screen Resolution

Flash Version

Java Support

CHAPTER 16 - Network Properties

Network Location


Connection Speeds

CHAPTER 17 - User Defined

Segmentation That’s Customized

What to Segment

PART Five - All Reports: Traffic Sources

CHAPTER 18 - Traffic Sources

Traffic Sources Overview

Direct Traffic

Referring Sites

Search Engines

All Traffic Sources


CHAPTER 19 - AdWords

AdWords Campaigns

Keyword Positions

CHAPTER 20 - Additional Traffic Reports


Ad Versions

PART Six - All Reports: Content

CHAPTER 21 - Content Overview

Content Overview

Top Content

Content by Title

Content Drilldown

Top Landing Pages

Top Exit Pages

Site Overlay

PART Seven - All Reports: Goals

CHAPTER 22 - Goals Overview

Goals Overview

Total Conversions

Conversion Rate

Goal Verification

Reverse Goal Path

Goal Value

Abandoned Funnels

Funnel Visualization

PART Eight - All Reports: E-Commerce

CHAPTER 23 - E-Commerce

E-Commerce Overview

Total Revenue

Conversion Rate

Average Order Value

CHAPTER 24 - Product Performance

Product Overview

Product SKUs


CHAPTER 25 - More E-Commerce Reports


Visits to Purchase

Time to Purchase


(Google Analytics 2.0)谷歌分析论 第二版pdf



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