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Using structures, you have the ability to group data and work with the grouped data as a whole. Business data processing uses the concept of structures in almost every program. Being able to ma-nipulate several variables as a single group makes your programs easier to manage.

This chapter introduces the following concepts:

o Structure definitions

o Initializing structures

o The dot operator ( . )

o Structure assignment

o Nested structures

This chapter is one of the last in the book to present new concepts. The remainder of the book builds on the structure con-cepts you learn in this chapter.

Introduction to Structures

A structure is a collection of one or more variable types. As you know, each element in an array must be the same data type, and you must refer to the entire array by its name. Each element (called a member) in a structure can be a different data type.

Suppose you wanted to keep track of your CD music collection. You might want to track the following pieces of information about each CD:



Number of songs


Date purchased

There would be five members in this CD structure.


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